Our Delicious Life filled with Our Flourishing True Beauty♪

Healthy at 100

Perhaps, most of us have a desire to live

A Long Healthy Life

in some ways. Have you thought about living to 100 and also being healthy and enjoying your life?

Let me share an except from this book, which touched and resonated with my heart strongly.

There is a story about a mother who asked a little girl to offer grace at breakfast. Agreeing to do so, the little girl began, “We thank you dear God, for this beautiful day.”

“Bless you dear,” said her mother, “for offering the prayer, but apparently you didn’t look outdoors before you prayed. It’s raining and it’s a dismal day”

“Mother,” responded the little girl. “Never judge a day be its weather.”

After this story, Robbins commented that the little girl understood the importance of bringing our love to all our moods and experiences, finding the beauty and giving thanks for the opportunities in every phase of our lives. When we start loving things, they start becoming beautiful. Have you experienced that when you fall in love with someone or something before?

Such experiences can teach us that we can accept imperfections and also  realize the true beauty and preciousness of our life. Though it is not easy, when we look deeply and honestly at our woundedness, we discover our power, our joy, and our will to live.

“What really matters isn’t whether you color your hair or get Botox injections. What matters is that you greet the experiences of your life, including the signs of aging, with love and acceptance rather than disdain. Every life stage has its unique gifts and powers. What’s most important is that your inner beauty shine through your life. “     

~John Robbins~

…….This is the very

Delicious Life♪

– is a way of living that we flourish and savor our inner beauty as we are all born with this special authentic beauty to do so.  And my lifework, in fat, is to support others in this amazing journey 🙂 and I am truly grateful to pursue my career, learning and supporting the beauties of many individuals come into my life and also learning and cultivating my own beauty.

Wish us all the Delicious Life filled with our shining True Beauty!

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart, as always.


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