Access Bars Brain Detox!



I am known to be

the QUEEN OF THINKING /( ̄ ∈∋  ̄)\

by my


And I met a wonderful work, called


I knew the name for a while,

but I have been picky about the practitioner,

and I finally had the chance!!




Chizuru is a fortune consultant and using multiple tools

including Tarrot, Numerology, channeling..and so on

She does have multiple talents indeed.




It was eye-opening to hear about my life

from the Universal perspective…

it is actually a statistical tendency,

which has been developed over so many years

and even centuries.


It was so fascinating to hear her story 🙂


And the Access Bars was so interesting too –

Even though she was just touching my head,

my whole body became tinging and warm

as if I was soaked in the hot spring with electric current (*´ω`*)。


yes, it was so nice and warm and relaxing….



I have been in the adjustment period

since I came back to Japan after 20 years in the North America,

so my thoughts could be quite chaotic sometimes

(again, I am the Queen of thoughts….)


BUT, something has shifted after this treatment❤️


This is the conversation after I went home.



Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 2.39.42 AM

Chizuru please say hello to your partner!

Mami  Yes~, he is so pleased!!?❤️

Takumi (my partner)  After she came home, she is dancing and smiling!! My life is even more peaceful now. Thanks to you!

Chizuru   I am gladー♪( ´θ`)ノ
You are so loved✨

Takumi Thank you(^^)




……yes, I was, and am dancing…〜(人´ω`*)♡

(not all the time, but time to time~)

and smiling – not with my conscious awareness.


I don’t know exactly what happened,

but it feels like my brain connects have been well organized.



From my professional perspective,

by gently stimulating points on head,

it may be released the cellular memories

stored somewhere in my body (head).


This relates to various form of Metaphysical healing and

well explained by Louise HayLise Bourbeau 🙂

Their books are amazing!

I have witnessed many times to confirm this theory –

when the soul and thoughts are healed,

physical healing follows or simultaneously happens beautifully.


This experience has been another my own life experience

confirming that energy work is so great

to support us to fully live and enjoy our life.



Healing is Engertainment (*´▽`*)☆彡



Our soul is really really enjoying.


Our sensations may be perceiving it as pain, bitterness and ugliness.

Our thoughts may be made into struggle, suffering, and loneliness.


our soul is still enjoying

the very sensation of living this life,

living in this body, living with this thoughts.





can you hear the shout of your soul?


Therefore, it is nice to tune into the soul level of understanding our life,

from the level of our physical body and mindful thoughts –

via any form of metaphysical healing or energy work.


It is about remembering who we are,

the true nature of what we are.


It is about the oneness of our energy (spirit – Ki – prana),

and experiencing that through our oneness – body, mind, and spirit/soul.


When you do, you might realize and say


OMG〜 I am really enjoying this life~~。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。 ゜



That would be a very self-created drama Delicious Moment (*´艸`*)♪



Do you want to fully enjoy your life while healing yourself?

Are you a queen of thoughts like me?

Why not looking into healing through your energy – spirit – soul??


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,



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