Delicious Healing for YOU!


As my sincere appreciation and holiday wishes to you, I would like to continue my annual tradition of Reiki Healing Holiday Gift to you!

This year, I would like to offer DELICIOUS DISTANT HEALING FOR ALL!  This is going to be a complimentary distant Reiki healing for ANYONE who would like to receive it as a holiday gift from me on December 25th, 2012.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is translated as Spiritually Guided Life Force.  Reiki healing is a Japanese holistic, light-touch, energy-based modality (Canadian Reiki Association). It helps transcend the spiritually guided life force to stimulate the self-healing power that all of us possess, So anyone can be trained and use it when needed. These days, Reiki has become quite popular in the word for its effectiveness for relaxation, healing, and complimentary and alternative treatment in some medical settings. Reiki assists the body to re-balance the flow of the life force by clearing and healing the energy pathways. In other words, Reiki restores and strengthens our inner healing power. Therefore, Reiki healing may promote greater creativity, relaxation, vitality, awareness, spiritual growth, emotional cleansing, sound sleep, immune response, pain and stress management…etc.  I am a certified Reiki master/teacher and have studied with several teachers in both Canada and Toronto. Because of its powerful healing power, I often combine Reiki technique in my practice for the optimal health restoration and promotion for my clients.

Reiki can be sent remotely so that you can be anywhere in the world to receive its healing power. Absolutely your friends and families are welcome to join us for the optimal healing experience (even your pets too)! In fact, the more people participate in this group healing, the more powerful healing becomes! Even sharing healing experience is delicious (^o^)! Please send me an email to with name, email, and address (where you live) of each person to receive distant healing by December 23rd midnight. You will receive an email with an instruction how to receive and enjoy remote Reiki healing!

It is going to be a great finish of this year by clearing and healing our souls and starting the new year of 2013!


with love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


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