Delicious Messages to Convey


Good morning to beautiful you!

Today feels like an autumn – so nice and cool 🙂

It is a perfect relaxing quiet weekend.


For the past two days, I had a privilege working  as an interpreter for Dr. Masaru Emoto,

as he was visiting Toronto for the event, the Power of Consciousness.

Including the live online video stream, more than 300 people joined from all over the world!

And of course there are many people behind the scene to make this possible,

including the amazing leader, Antonia Halogen from the masterpiece life.

It was such an invaluable learning experience for me and

felt so amazing to resonate with power vibration of love and gratitude as a collective.

It was a very Delicious Moment, indeed.  Thank you so much!


Vitality of Dr. Emoto is so impressive that at the age of 71,

he is still travelling all over the world to share the messages from water.


If you have a grand sense of mission and love,

you may be able to exceed above and beyond the false expectation of your limitation.

The reality of this type of work can be actually quite challenging,

and requiring a lot of energy and work to make things happen .

He has a message to convey to the world. 


Because he has a strong belief, passion and LOVE 

for all living things on this Earth including our humanity, living now,

for the peace and happiness of the younger generation to carry on,

Dr. Emoto devotedly and energetically has been working on his project.

His work and such passion really touched my heart.

What gives you a reason for living, and challenging?

Being able to be a part of this collective movement to spread the love and gratitude,

I feel so fulfilled, happy, joyful and amazing! Thank you so much!!



I will be promoting and supporting  the Emoto Peace Project in Canada,

We distribute the free copy of Message from Water picture book to children globally, in hope to teach children the importance of water, love, and peace for the brighter future.

and also support the distribution of special healing water to children in Fukushima.

If you would like to support, please contact me (


Let’s share the love, joy and peace through water and nature with our children, shall we? ♡


When the world is really filled with lots of LOVE & GRATITUDE,

that is a very Delicious Moment♪


Thank you so much as always & have a wonderful weekend!

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


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