Delicious Moment of When Your Dream Shifts


Dear amazing you!


Long time ~~~ (*´ω`*)ノ


It has been a half year since I fully came back to Japan.

Our calendar turns into the Winter and so that

it has been a bit chilly over here (but not as much as Toronto!)


I have moved three times already (and probably one more in this month)

and it has been such a drastic life change that I am experiencing.



In that process,

I realized that “I wish I knew!” type of info

in this horoscope fortune telling

(you could probably use google translator….)


Did you know that


Dreams shift (*˘︶˘*).:*♡?


Is that a “of-course” type of question?

or it is something static for you?


According to my personal horoscope (Libra),

the theme for this year 2016 was



Towards「Happiness shared with someone.」

from 「Happiness I pursue for myself.」


It was definitely an A-HA moment – yes very delicious one.


After 20 years in the North America,
I return to Japan to be with a man

I fell in love and married to this July.


And yet, to be honest,

I have been going through a roller coaster of


ヾ(・ω・`;)ノoh no!


( ・´ω・`) awwwwww

and more and various emotions and things (lol)


And that is no surprise as

my life that I created by myself was completely destroyed! 


it sounds bad, but I didn’t mean that though.

There is always destruction before creation.

It is just a pair of actions on this Earth.



the direction that I was heading to,

the interests that I was enjoying,

the values that I lived with,

the habit that I created,

the work that I pursued,

the friends that I shared with,


wasn’t that easy and made me question myself




What am I here for?(´д`?)


Finally, I can see better and I can say that

I was kind of lost (@ ̄□ ̄@;) lol



I was trying to be someone’s someone,

trying to create a reason and

a value of being here for myself.

…working so hard,

and feeling sad and angry time to time ((*´∀`))

what a serious actress amn’t I? lol




I am just talking to myself that



Dreams can change and shift as you go〜♪

Everything is changing and shifting.

You are changing and shifting.

and that changing you is still you.

and that YOU is what all matters.




It is so wonderful that
I am fully accepting who I am

and this feels so great and peaceful.


It is a very Delicious Moment (*´∀`)


After all,

even I am feeling




( ・´ω・`)ショボン

or both,




Thank you so much as always,


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,



PS:resuming personal session ❤︎



In-Person (near TOKYO area)


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