Deliciousness of Messages

Angel Wing

What do you see in this picture?

This was a song playing in my head when this sky appeared in front of my eyes.

When I was small, there were gods 
And they granted my wishes in mysterious ways 
In mornings when we wake up with a feeling of gentleness in our heart 
Miracles can happen even when we are grown-ups
Open the curtain wide and let subtle sunbeams shine through tree leaves
Let their gentleness  embrace you – I’m sure 
All that appears  before our eyes  is a message
When I was small, there were gods 
And every day they sent me their love 
Deep in my heart, there is a precious box 
Long forgotten, but now is the time to open
In a garden where the rain has stopped  the subtle fragrance of gardenias 
Let it’s gentleness  embrace you  I’m sure 
All that appears  before our eyes  is a message

Yasashisani Tsutsumaretanara (If embraced by gentleness) by Yumi Matustoya

Let me share with you what I saw through my eyes.

My daily morning walking meditation has been such a blessing for me.  This picture was taken when the Sun was rising behind the darkest black night clouds while a huge archangel was embracing the sun and clearing the sky with his/her huge white wings. Well, this scene was taken the entire South-East sky, so my little iPhone could capture just a part of it.

Everyday is a new beginning filled with pleasant surprises and also an ultimate ending with joy and sorrow that are all connected, transient, and never-ending.


Feeling the warmth of sun penetrating  into my body, my heart was filled with so much gratitude, hope and love.

It is so true that every day was filled with discoveries and miracles and passed by so fast when I was a child. But as I grow up, I still see things but perhaps more often overlook some of the messages of this universal gentle love from the Earth, Sun, Sky, Stars and more from the Mother Nature. Certainly when you hear the message, that is a very Delicious Moment♪

What we see, hear, smell, taste and feel….everything is the message.

What messages are you willing to receive?  All we need is to pause and deeply listen and look into it.

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


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