Deliciousness of What Healing Is


What does HEALING mean to you?


I have been dealing with this topic

in many ways and most recently,

as a naturopathic doctor and healer.


I have been lead to come into this path

because I have been on the path of healing myself.


I needed to heal myself in order to survive.


And I know that I am still healing myself these days,

especially with my moving back to Japan

for a completely new life with my partner.


To be honest, I was quite frustrated myself and

all the negative thoughts and feelings were coming up

and the very question that came up to my mind…


 Do I still need to “heal” myself?


was I so wounded?

was I so victimized?

was I so not good enough yet?

and of course these thoughts were illusions and

a big part of  the usual self-created drama (;-_-)



And I knew this before, but just like being a human myself,

when I am in the middle of the chaotic vortex of emotions and feelings,

it is much easier to lose own sight momentarily.


So I decided to write for myself today,

especially realizing that everything that I do is actually for myself,

because I am you, and the universe and we cannot be separated.


Coming back to today’s topic,

Healing is originally not about to “fix’ something or someone or problems.


Healing literally means  “restoration of wholeness”

and Health means “being a whole”.


The process of healing is a great opportunity

for us to experience who we really are.


We often say that

the music is so healing,

the beautiful sunset is so healing,

the homemade lasagna by grandma is so healing,

the presence of you next t me is so healing, …

and many more in our life.


What they all have common is to touch our heart and soul,

and so that we remember our wholeness,

not only this physical body, but also this heart and soul

that actually make us feel alive and living in this moment.


Isn’t “healing” so precious and amazing?


The society seems to like using this word “healing”

as if it is a cure for illnesses, diseases and traumas, and

they are terrible enemies and should not exist at all.


What if even all of them are pieces to make us whole?


That is what I have been realizing myself and even witnessing in others

and so that I really wanted to remind myself about this today.


We are all inborn healers. 


Isn’t your healing process filled with lots of Delicious Moments?

It is a way to savour the true beauty of who you really are. 


Thank you so much for being amazing you❤︎


Sending you a big hug,

with love, hope and gratitude from my heart,



p.s. Thank you so much for the inspiration, Julia!


p.s. 2 Here is one way to savour your healing Delicious Moments 🙂


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