Deliciousness of What is

Raining leaves

Toronto was hit by thunderstorms yesterday. Hope everyone was safe and okay 🙂

According to the teachings of the native Indians, thunderstorm implies that


“Thunderbird is on the Earth to eat up unfriendly spirits for the purification”


As I was taught this from the elder before, even with pouring heavy rain and loud thunders, I felt like

“We are so blessed being watched and now being purified :)”

To be honest, I was hesitant to walk in the rain, especially sand has becoming colder each day (yes, the Fall is approaching!). But step by step, I felt gentle warm pleasure of the moist sand through the soles of my feet. Though I didn’t see the sun, I did see the sky was brightening up just like every other day.

There is what is said to be essential in common in the history of traditional healing, spirituality like teachings of Buddha and even modern science of quantum physics and psychology… that is


I don’t think that means we always have to have “beautiful sunny day” especially nature and weather is what they are and how they are. Rather, even with wind, rain, and snow, we can look deeply and find beauty and joy in it. … this reminds me of the famous Japanese poem, Ame ni mo Makezu by Miyazawa Kenji.

That must be a very Delicious Moment ♪

Today has started with a beautiful sunny sunrise – of pink and purple misty romantic scenery 🙂 (I posted on my facebook!)

Wish you a wonderful day as you continue to savour this beautiful day!

With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,


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