Facing our Living Spirits rather than Ancestors


The Bon season has started in Japan.

It is a period when the dead spirits & sprits of ancestors

are coming back to the family and home.


This is not that strange anymore as

we are talking about energy, vibration, and spirits

that things are invisible these days in many areas

even in science and medicine.



Many believe that

we are influenced by the spirits of ancestors.


Yes, I do agree in some ways,

especially after I started hearing and seeing
such voices and appearances of my clients.
When my own real experience met with what I knew,
I could no longer deny about that….







What we should be concerned about is

NOT about the ancestors, or ghost, or other spirits out there…

because what most powerful in this reality, in your life is


LIVING YOUヽ(*´∇`)ノ




yes, it is your living spirit itself.



I talked about cleansing spirits before.

Our suppressed emotions and feelings

based on our biased perspectives and rationales about life

create such vibrational energy, tuning into living spirits.


That is called as Wraith sometimes.



I just thought about this because

it is easy to make someone or something else’s fault about

what we are going through –

and yet, everything, all answers are within each of us.


This month has been energetically so powerful,

especially after August 8th, the opening of the Lion’s gate

to assist us to cleanse such spirits in us,

to really purify ourselves to be/remember who we really are.


I have been working on this topic with my partner

as we are quite seriously resonating with the universe…

〜❤︎( ´ー`)⊃⊂(´ー` )


Though it is not that easy at first,

to really feel what we have been suppressed or hiding from,

yet when we are really really releasing and embracing them

with love and compassion,

the world lightens up and filled with more love and light



It is a very wondrous Delicious Moment♪


Thanks to all ancestors and beautiful spirits

and amazing living you ☆彡


With love, hope and gratitude from my heart,



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