Happy American Thanksgiving!


In Japan, we call this season a “Delicious Autumn”. There are so many delicious fruits and vegetables being harvested right now such as sweet potatoes, mushrooms, grapes and pears. It is the time of year in Japan for families, friends, and communities to get together. We not only celebrate our accomplishments, but also overcoming of hardships so far this year. Sharing of pleasure through food connects all four domains of human wellness; Body, Mind, Spirit and Community. This is what I call a “delicious moment”, when all four domains come together and are truly embraced. In this moment, we restore our authentic beauty within so that we are able to heal ourselves as a whole.

What is your delicious moment for this fall?

Here is one of my many delicious moments this fall. It was brought by the freshly harvested rice that my dearest mother sent to me all the way from Japan. The beautifully polished pearly grains reminded me of the gorgeous rice fields back home. By the end of summer, the fields look like a golden velvety carpet; especially at sunset. I was able to enjoy the rice with miso soup and natto (fermented soya bean), a classic Japanese meal. Can you imagine how happy and grateful I was at that moment?

The experience of eating the rice not only connected me with my sense of taste but also with the wonderful memory of home. I am so grateful for this seasonal gift from Mother Nature and to the Japanese dietary tradition that my ancestors have valued. It took a community of hardworking people to harvest and deliver this for me to enjoy. Realizing all these information, I was able to cherish and savor each bite. I didn’t know that by eating just rice I could feel so overwhelmed with gratitude and have such a sense of fulfillment. A simple bowl of nourishment with love.

Happy Delicious Thanksgiving!

With Love, Hope and Gratitude from my heart、


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