The Law of Abundance & the Memory of Your Soul


Abundance is the beauty of who you are.

It is to savour and shine your true beauty 

and filled with the love and joy of being you.

This is how to enjoying the abundance.


 from 人生の富の法則 (The Law of Abundance)  Ch.12 Delicious Moments by Mami


Dear amazing you 🙂


Yesterday, I talked about

Delicious Moments of When Your Dream Shifts.



And yet, of course


There are things that DON’T change 〜(´▽`*)


Today, I realize one of them

and filled with so much gratitude and joy.

as I was reading the book that I WROTE (o´艸`) lol



What does dream mean to you?


What does abundance mean to you?


What does happiness mean to you?



Regardless of knowing that or not,

we all have decided them before we came into this body,

and known that at the core of our soul all this time.


Joy for Our Soul. 


This is something that won’t change much.


It is the very essence of why we came here

to experience through this body.


Life is like a game to remember such setting

that we set for ourselves to begin with!


That’s why there is no one else that we need to save.

There is no one else that we need to heal.


Everyone is here to experience the joy

through enjoying the true abundance of who we are (*〇´∀`艸)*゚


We all have our own Law of Abundance. 


Our reality, our life right now is all based on that

regardless of what you think about it, good or bad of neutral.


We have all chosen this life.



To support us to understand such laws,

Tomorrow, the 11th of November,

the cosmic energy shifts happen to transform our consciousness.



Each one of us starts to remember

the real meaning and interpretation of

the Law of Abundance.



We are opening the gate to enter

the era of authentic abundance 

to flourish and to be sharedヾ(´∇`。*)ノ


Isn’t that a very Delicious Moment?


So grateful and fortunate✨(♡´ω`♡)


Thank you so much as always❤️



with love, hope and gratitude from my heart,



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