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I grew up with the Japanese tradition called the “Art of Living”. This is the daily practice of nurturing a deep appreciation for the harmonious relationship with self, others and nature. It also promotes a kind of sacred trinity – well-being, true abundance and joyful longevity. I feel such gratitude knowing that this philosophy has guided me to open my eyes to the brighter sides of the life experiences while appreciating the depth and meaning created by the shadow. Now it seems all around the world there’s a huge movement to rediscover this way of living that has been lost to many.

My dear parents gave me the name “Mami” which means “true beauty”. So it’s become my life’s mission to explore what true beauty actually is and how I can cultivate it. I am realizing that true beauty seems to be very unique to each individual.  It is the alignment of one’s inner value, passion, and wisdom, at social, cultural, psychological, biological, and energetic level. Ultimately it is what makes us authentic, living life fully with integrity for the optimal health.

Even though I was blessed to grow up with the “Art of Living”, as with all human beings there were also times that were confusing, painful, or even traumatic.

When I look back from where I stand right now, I can see that all the seemingly random events have connected and lead me to this point. The difficult times in my life have been major turning points. They have been opportunities for me to discover, connect to, and strengthen my true value, passion and purpose. Moreover, they affirm my connection to the right people for me to share authentic love with – my family, friends and even strangers.

Challenges such as the trauma of abuse, an eating disorder and depression taught me the intimate connections between my body, mind and soul.  I also learned about the healing power of music, and about love & compassion as the most powerful medicine of all.

Through the loss of my dear grandmother, I discovered that healing and love cross time and distance, and that death is a precious and honorable part of life.

Facing major language and cultural barriers since the age of 16 has expanded my views, offered me a global perspective and given me the opportunity to realize who I am based on my own culture and heritage.

I see this as a process of “self-actualization”, of getting closer to who we really are. When you have strong values, fiery passion and a solid belief system, you look vibrant and radiant. That is because you have found meaning in living as you are. I believe that this is true beauty, the glow from the authentic self being aligned at all levels, living fully with integrity and sharing that with the world.

In terms of my life’s mission, one change that I have committed to is to make my life DELICIOUS, which means “savouring beauty” in Japanese.  I continue to learn about myself and to practice actions everyday that allow me to explore, embrace and share my true beauty with the world. Every day is a new opportunity for more Delicious Moments. This is my way of embodying the “Art of Delicious Living”, filling my life with Delicious Moments of pleasure, joy, hope, gratitude and love and to live my life fully as who I am.

I’m a passionate wellness promoter, committed to supporting others towards living a more holistic life. My work is to support your health journey within which you can connect, nourish and celebrate your beautiful authentic self and share your wholesome well-being with the world.

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